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-Adam Ryan- Rapture's Fire

Fear. It's been creeping slowly on me for the past years not knowing whether or not Rapture will succeed and prevail in science. The Alpha series was a great idea and was executed perfectly, however after the report from Gil. Alexander I'm contemplating the safety of Rapture and with the additional factor of Atlas's Splicers things are going to get worse. Perhaps a new series of "Big Daddies" may be able to distinguish the fire within the heart of Rapture. The suits for the "Bouncer" and "Elite" Big Daddies are nearly ready, all that is necessary is to find "willing participants" to be moulded unto these suits and cure Rapture's heart and illness. I shall request for the new series not to be equipped with any Plasmids as it did not agree with any other Alpha Series with the exception of Δ,  he possesses a strange and unique genetic code. My scientists would have replicated the necessary gene within Δ to accept Plasmid information however Dr. Lamb intervened and managed to some how kill Δ, perhaps by controlling him via the Plasmid "Hypnotize"? This has forced my scientists into a corner and therefore are not willing to attempt this once more as the Alpha Series are a prime example of what could go wrong. It looks like the new series of Big Daddies will have to be made even stronger and faster to deal with the lack of Plasmid reinforcement. This may cure all that is wrong with Rapture and return it to its once powerful and boundless start.

-Adam Ryan- Rapture's Fire
An imaginary clip-it from Adam Ryan. It bears a sense of fact from the game, however it is mainly my interpretation of his feeling during the life of Rapture.
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February 21, 2010
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