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Joker Drawing by Vhaanzeit Joker Drawing :iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 2 0 My 1st Submission by Vhaanzeit My 1st Submission :iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 2 1
Mature content
Bioshock Entry: Memory Relapse :iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 2 1
Serenity Splatter Check by Vhaanzeit Serenity Splatter Check :iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 1 5 Serenity Splatter by Vhaanzeit Serenity Splatter :iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 4 0 FFXIII Background by Vhaanzeit FFXIII Background :iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 0 11 FXIII Lightning by Vhaanzeit FXIII Lightning :iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 5 6
Bioshock 2 Entry: No 5
Eleanor Lamb- Realisation after Rehabilitation- 14 years of age
Gil. Alexander and mother managed to undo my mental suffering back from when I was being turned into a Little Sister. The rehabilitation as worked excellently, however, it has served me not for the better. When I was a Little Sister I was trapped in a senseless and "happy" world, distanced away from reality. This gave me a false sense of security in my being and physical existence, but now all that has been undone. I therefore realise and understand what I really am, a freak. I look in the mirror and see not a girl, but a demon, an empty vessel used for nothing but "The Greater Good" mother always speaks of. This "demon" I face every day makes me want to kill myself and end this suffering, but mother has stopped me many a time, ohhh but not out of love, but for "The Greater Good" of the people. The Adam Slug is what makes me these freak and demon; the thing is making me insane, pained and stricken. I can't escape this nigh
:iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 2 9
Bioshock Entry: no 4
-Adam Ryan- Rapture's Fire
Fear. It's been creeping slowly on me for the past years not knowing whether or not Rapture will succeed and prevail in science. The Alpha series was a great idea and was executed perfectly, however after the report from Gil. Alexander I'm contemplating the safety of Rapture and with the additional factor of Atlas's Splicers things are going to get worse. Perhaps a new series of "Big Daddies" may be able to distinguish the fire within the heart of Rapture. The suits for the "Bouncer" and "Elite" Big Daddies are nearly ready, all that is necessary is to find "willing participants" to be moulded unto these suits and cure Rapture's heart and illness. I shall request for the new series not to be equipped with any Plasmids as it did not agree with any other Alpha Series with the exception of Δ,  he possesses a strange and unique genetic code. My scientists would have replicated the necessary gene within Δ to accept Plasmid information however D
:iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 1 0
Bioshock Entry: no 3
-Gil. Alexander- Aftermath of Bonding
Why? It was going so well until mere splicers had got a hold of multiple Little Sisters and successfully killed them. This instantly raged all Alpha Series into an "unstoppable" rampage. Bloodshed was continuous for many weeks upon splicers and any person who dared come near to their Little Sisters' corpses. All test subjects became clinically insane and therefore became uncontrollable: this has lead to mass extermination of splicers and even our own medical and research teams. We only fear for the worst as the Alpha Series are now showing additional signs of intelligence despite their mental issues: e.g examples of this are Alpha Series getting a hold of multiple prototype weapons such as our "Big Daddy Grenade Launchers" and our "Big Daddy Drills" and also injecting further plasmid upgrades from numerous "Gatherer Gardens" around Rapture. This sign of intelligence has further enhanced their danger and could require extermination, however maybe th
:iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 2 0
Bioshock 2: no 2
Gil. Alexander-Subject "Δ" (Delta) and Eleanor
Little Sister and Big Daddy linking has been near impossible due to the fact they are not bound by a maternal force found at birth, this has lead to extreme mental and physical mutations to succeed in doing the somewhat impossible. The first three Alpha Series Big Daddies were experimented on to see if linking between Little Sisters was possible and perhaps a feasible answer for the gathering of "Adam", this was not successful and ended up in the Alpha Series demise due to rejection of the necessary drugs. Thankfully we had multiple other back-ups such as "Δ". Δ accepted the drugs with no genetic recoil or ab-normal behaviour issues. In turn we managed to find Δ a Little Sister named Eleanor. They took incredibly well to each other and bonded incredibly quickly and strongly, almost as though it was like mother and child. This success lead to further successful bonds in other Alpha Series. Overall Δ proved excellent
:iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 3 0
Bioshock 2 Entry: no 1
Alpha Series Progress: Entry 1- Scientist B
  The Alpha series have been going well, however, I fear for our safety. Their behavioural patterns are getting worse and worse after the eighteenth injection of the plasmid "Ice Blast", this injection has seemed to render them partially paralysed in the left arm and right hand, with the extra addition of random discharges of plasmid energy from their bodies. Many of my research group attempted to sedate multiple Alpha Series experiments as they were breaking the bullet proof glass with their non-paralysed limbs and even their heads, however due to the random discharge of plasmid energy, many of of our research team died while attempting to sedate the experiments, surprisingly no damage actually occured to the experiments' craniums nor limbs once we had had taken measures to sedate and calm the Alphas.
-Transmission ends-
:iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 3 0
C. Viper User by Vhaanzeit C. Viper User :iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 1 4 Bioshock 2: Lamb is Watchingv2 by Vhaanzeit Bioshock 2: Lamb is Watchingv2 :iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 23 9 Bioshock 2: Lamb is Watching by Vhaanzeit Bioshock 2: Lamb is Watching :iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 14 11 Grimmjow by Vhaanzeit Grimmjow :iconvhaanzeit:Vhaanzeit 12 14


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Firstly I'd like to say to any who view this account that I will become active once more, however this is not going to be just my account, it's going to be a joint account with my friend Connor(his tag is -Joker) who will be uploading drawings and such like. I myself probably won't do that much so it will mainly be him but my tag will be ~Vhaanzeit as is the account name. Secondly, it's good to be back and maybe contribute to this wonderful site once more. Connor will be mainly posting OC of his own as I will be probably using renders+brushes and such like as from before!

Yours truly, Vhaanzeit.



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